randy lind

Randy Lind, CMT
Clinic Director, Owner

Randy is a specialist in soft tissue rehabilitation and has been involved in healing work since the age of 19. He has been a bodyworker in private practice for 20 years and a massage instructor for over 15 years.


Through his intuition and passion for healing, his extensive bodywork training and years of clinical experience, Randy has developed a unique and interactive bodywork style. His collaborative approach brings clients into active and conscious partnership with their bodies and is able to help them move again with ease, restore somatic function and create lasting change.


Randy has had a long and eclectic work experience - from sports therapy clinics and chiropractic offices to New Age conference centers and world-class spas. Randy lead the AIDS Lifecycle massage team for three years, and has volunteered at non-profits providing manual therapy to under-served populations. He has taught Sports and Orthopedic Massage courses at several schools in the Bay Area since 2000, including the McKinnon Institute in Oakland and the Hendrickson Method Institute in Berkeley. He is currently on the faculty at the San Francisco School of Massage.


Randy has benefitted from many amazing teachers and mentors in his 25 years of healing work. Central among these has been his training with the renowned Dr. Tom Hendrickson from 2001 to 2007. Initially Randy completed the core, two-year manual therapy program at the Hendrickson Method Institute. He then had the privilege of being mentored directly by Dr. Hendrickson for an additional two years. Then, in 2006 and 2007, Randy was an instructor at the Institute along side Dr. Hendrickson. Randy is grateful to Dr. Hendrickson and for Dr. Hendrickson's work, the Hendrickson Method (HM). For HM has had a profound impact on Randy's bodywork, his life, and the lives of his clients and students.

In addition, Randy is also immensely grateful to David Wienstock, the founder of NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT) for the gift of this remarkable technique, his mentoring and the outstanding community of bodyworkers David has developed.


Randy enjoys the benefits of meditation, loves the outdoors, and is a life long student of healing, the human body and awakening consciousness.